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Hardware Solutions




   According to research by the Global Computing Institute, scalability is the number one setback for growing businesses. It makes sense—technology advances year after year, and investing in a cost-effective solution that will last for many years seems like an impossible ambition.

   Investing in the future is what we do—for us, and for you. Our in-house Emerging Technologies Practice Group is always at the forefront of the industry and uses their specialized expertise to inform our client-facing technicians how the needs of each sector are expected to change. We can either outfit your business with a future-proof system right out of the gate, or provide a path for hassle-free upgrades as needed (available to customers with our LTS 360™ support plan). It's the closest you can get to looking into a crystal ball.

Specialized in server hardware for any of your business needs.

Web Servers

Internal data management

Thin-client access portals

Email systems



Print management

Data science workloads

Network Hub and Cable_edited_edited_edit


   For us, network infrastructure is a science, not sorcery. Our networking technicians are trained and passionate in adhering to best practices. What does that mean for your company? An obscure error or bad cable will never again be responsible for a company-wide outage that takes hours, or days, to diagnose and fix.

     Network infrastructure needs strategic mapping and documentation as much as it needs

rock-solid hardware, with a clean physical layout to compliment it all. We do the legwork and provide you with documentation that will onboard your IT personnel in a flash—and it will still be there for you through any amount of employee turnaround. Both in installation and maintenance, our top goal is to minimize downtime, not our time.



   Top workstation brands are always competing for the best deals in the enterprise space. Our experience enables us to look through the "best deal of the year" in favor of what matters long-term, such as support, upgrades, and serviceability. In fact, we aim for your deployment image to remain compatible with your workstations for a minimum of 5 years—with few modifications—even between hardware upgrades and different workstation models. That means faster onboarding, upgrades, and replacements, which translates to less downtime for your employees.

   If you already have a service contract with a leading manufacturer, Metaverse can help you make the most of it. If not, we'll help you get started and ensure you take full advantage of the benefits it provides.

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