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Security Solutions




   If you want more than security theater, beware of companies who encrypt your drives and call it a day. Data security is a bottom-to-top procedure that starts at the employee. In fact, the majority of security breaches are known to be caused by employees' mishandling of hardware or data.

Metaverse specializes in employee-facing data security procedures:‚Äč

Company-wide two-factor authentication with hardware keys

Workstation drives encrypted with military-grade security

Restrict file transfer to unsafe devices, like portable drives

Automatically scan outgoing email attachments for sensitive files

Advanced malware protection and remote monitoring

   Because of the specialized and multi-faceted nature of data security, Metaverse has a dedicated Security Practice Group consisting of experts in industry-leading security practices. If you haven't had a comprehensive security evaluation of your infrastructure, there's no better time than now. We'll test everything from workstation permissions to firewall configuration and give you a detailed report of all vulnerabilities.  And because our solutions are tightly integrated with each other, you can expect more of the convenience and support that Metaverse is known for—our Support Practice Group will help you stay secure without sacrificing convenience for your employees.



   How prepared are you in the event that a hardware failure, malware attack, or environmental disaster destroys critical data in your live environment? Most companies are covered for at most one of these disastrous scenarios, but not all. Data redundancy is essential for protecting your live environment, but it is not a backup solution on its own.


Time without backups

Cost of data loss

   Metaverse can help keep your critical data safe and up-to-date in a secure remote location—not just files, but also mission-critical parts of your work environment, such as databases and virtual machine snapshots. In the event of a compromise or outage, your live environment can fail over to the remote backup server in a matter of minutes. We also provide documentation for routine system tests to ensure that your backup environment is up to date and functioning properly.

When compared to the irreversible cost of losing data, the installation and upkeep expenses for a robust backup system are nominal.



   Have you already been affected by data loss? Let our Data Forensics Practice Group help you recover as much as possible—what can't be retrieved by conventional technology may still be visible to forensics equipment in the hands of our experts. We can also help you create a report documenting the incident, along with a plan for how to prevent it in the future.

   Using Metaverse solutions for data backup, the recovery process is streamlined and will result in minimal downtime. Our experts will provide you with a Disaster Recovery Plan that's custom-made for your environment, meaning there will be a clear procedure in place for any scenario.

   Don't let data loss and downtime affect your business operations—Metaverse has the expertise needed to keep you covered at all angles.

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